Monday, 18 February 2013

Ancient Soldiers and Equipment from Bulgaria

Okay, so this post is less of a discussion of ancient stuff and more of a photo essay.  And by photo essay it's less of an essay and more of a collection or catalogue of photos.  

Here are some photos I took while in Bulgaria in early September (2012) for Limes XXII.  As you can see there's a mixture of cavalry masks (for cermonies, etc.), some tombstone friezes with soldiers (sans equipment), and a host of helmets and weapons, both Roman and otherwise (Greek?, etc.).  If I can ever think of anything useful to say (or something resembling something useful) then I'll discuss some of these and turn this into an actual essay of sorts.  It would help if I can find something about these about these.  Later, I'll also add some photos of fortifications.

I should also add that in May I'm planning on a trip to the UK.  I'll bring along a camera and if I make it to Vindolanda and Hadrian's Wall, as I hope to, I'll take more pictures and post them.  And then discuss.  Or maybe just describe.  Or just post.

Anyway, enjoy!

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